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-- 19.04.2017 --
Submission Deadline extended to May, 3

-- 01.02.2017 --
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VOLT 2017
Verification and Validation Of modeL Transformations

Model transformations are everywhere in software development, implicitly or explicitly. They became first-class citizens with the advent of MDD. Despite some recent activity in the field, the work on the verification of model transformations remains scattered and a clear perspective on the subject is still not in sight. Furthermore, current model transformation tools lack verification techniques to support such activities.

The Sith International Workshop on the Verification and Validation Of modeL Transformation (VOLT 2017) is one of the most accurate venues to offer researchers a dedicated forum to classify, discuss, propose, and advance verification and validation techniques dedicated to model transformations.

VOLT 2017 promotes discussions between theoreticians and practitioners from academy and industry, given its ideal co-location with STAF. A significant part of the workshop includes a forum for discussing practical applications of model transformations and related problems. One of the goals of the forum is to collect enough industrial case studies so that those problems can be stated at a theoretical level. In order to discuss these and further similar questions, we would like to invite submissions in the form of short papers on ongoing work, position statements, or novel tool features related to the following topics:

  • Application of formal verification, theorem proving, model checking, testing, and static analysis to model transformation
  • Verification and validation techniques dedicated to model transformation
  • Taxonomies of techniques for model transformation verification and validation
  • Properties relevant to specific model transformations
  • Verification and validation of model transformations expressed in languages such as: ATL, QVT, TGG, VIATRA, Kermeta, Epsilon, etc.
  • Verification and validation of domain-specific model transformations, in contrast to general-purpose transformations
  • Reviews and surveys on the practice of V\&V for model transformations
  • Case studies, comparisons, and experience reports
  • Reports on new V&V challenges of emerging transformation paradigms (e.g., streaming transformations, approximate transformations, search-based transformations)
  • Tools and automation


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